Can a chiropractor fix sinus problems?

Even though Chiropractors in Charlotte are widely known to adjust the back and neck, they can also adjust the sinus. For instance, if your neck’s vertebra goes out of alignment, your Chiropractor may improve your sinus’ drainage by adjusting your facial bones.

Can a misaligned neck cause sinus problems?

If a misalignment causes the brainstem no longer to function properly, the result can be migraines, sinus issues, and more.

How do chiropractors clear sinuses?

Having a chiropractor perform neck adjustments can relieve the tension on your brain stem, which allows your throat to become more relaxed. This relaxation in your throat allows your sinus passages in your head to drain, leading to you feeling better, faster, without the aid of medicine that drugs you up.

What part of spine controls sinuses?

Cervical C2 Vertebrae

When your C2 vertebra becomes subluxated, it can result in pain and difficulty rotating your head, as well as creating specific health problems that affect your eyesight, hearing, sinuses, head and even your tongue.

Can a pinched nerve cause sinus issues?

Compression of the cranial nerves including the vagus nerve and the trigeminal nerve can cause among many symptoms, a problem of sinus drainage.

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Can an adjustment help with sinus pressure?

Nerves throughout your body heal certain areas with spinal adjustments. Upper spinal manipulations can actually stimulate nerves leading to the nasal cavities and promote healing. Some patients will even notice pressure relief and promotion of drainage within their sinuses.

Can tight neck muscles affect sinuses?

Face pain /Sinus Pain/Jaw Pain – Face Pain, Jaw Pain or Sinus pain can also be caused by a stiff neck or neck muscle trigger points. The muscles of your head, jaw, face, the front of your neck and your upper trapezius muscles are commonly involved in sinus, jaw or face pain.

Is there a way to drain your sinuses?

Nasal irrigation is very effective at relieving nasal congestion and irritation. Saline irrigation simply means gently flushing out your nasal passages with a saline solution. You can do this with special squeeze bottles, bulb syringes, or a neti pot.

Can a chiropractor drain your sinuses?

Chiropractors have the capacity of stimulating your drainage thereby preventing the buildup of mucus thus facilitating the improvement of signal transmission from the nervous system to the sinus. While seeking to treat a sinus infection, some people choose natural remedies.

Can your back affect your sinuses?

There is a direct causal relationship between the autonomic nerve centers in the spinal cord and corresponding nerves impulses in the sinus membranes. When there is a misalignment or impact trauma along the upper cervical spine, it can interrupt the neural pathways responsible for craniofacial tension control.

Can chiropractic help sinus headaches?

Chiropractic adjustment for sinus drainage is largely painless and allows the sinus passages to become unclogged quickly. This leads to quicker recovery from sinus infections and decreased sinus pressure.

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Who performs sinus surgery?

If your sinus problems are so bad that you need sinus surgery, an ENT doctor will perform the surgery. Patients who respond to medical therapy do not need surgery, adds Mark A.

Are your sinuses connected to your neck?

Neck Pain and Sinus Pressure

The two main symptoms of sinusitis associated with neck pain are sinus pain/pressure and headaches. These symptoms can present themselves down into your neck since the muscles of your face and neck are all connected.