Does equine massage help?

Following the lead of human athletes, therapeutic equine massage is being used more frequently, with the objective of achieving physical benefits to muscle such as relief of muscle tension and stiffness, reduced pain and spasm, improved joint flexibility and range of motion, and potentially enhanced athletic …

Is massage good for a horse?

The likely answer is “YES”! The majority of horses can benefit from massage therapy, especially if they are routinely ridden or used for driving. Mares and stallions who are being used for breeding can also greatly benefit from soft tissue work.

How often should I massage my horse?

How often should my horse receive bodywork? The frequency of a bodywork program depends on many factors, including the horse’s age, riding discipline, workload and overall health. Generally, horses benefit most from bodywork every 4-8 weeks.

Where do horses like to be massaged?

To maximize the benefits of massaging his back muscles, ride your horse after you’re done and be sure to include several minutes of canter work in a stretchy but connected frame (not flopping on the forehand) in both directions. This kind of canter encourages your horse’s back muscles to lengthen and loosen.

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What does equine massage therapy do?

Equine Massage Therapy uses a variety of massage techniques and strokes to stimulate blood flow to different areas of the body. This encourages blood flow and brings in oxygen and other nutrients, at the same time removing lactic acid build up and eliminating other metabolic waste from the body.

Can a horse be ridden after a massage?

Healthy horses can be ridden immediately after a massage (though a less strenuous ride is strongly recommended.)

When should you not massage a horse?


  • Discharge/Mucous from the eyes or nose – mucous & equine massage therapy do not mix. …
  • Laboured Respiration – can be an indicative of restricted airways, either from infection and/or an allergic reaction, both of which can induce swelling and/or spasms within the airways.

How long does it take to massage a horse?

How long does it take to massage a horse? Approximately one hour. I work 26 muscle groups on each side of the horse. A full body massage.

How much does an equine massage cost?

The average horse massage cost $75 with the average equine massage therapist making the equivalent of $100 per hour.

Why do horses need massages?

Massage loosens scar tissue gradually, helping the horse move more freely and reducing the associated pain. Massage and stretching can help restore a horse’s mobility after an injury by reducing tension as collagen fibers heal and realign themselves post trauma.

How much money do equine massage therapists make?

Salary Ranges for Equine Massage Therapists

The salaries of Equine Massage Therapists in the US range from $11,641 to $308,379 , with a median salary of $56,046 . The middle 57% of Equine Massage Therapists makes between $56,046 and $139,916, with the top 86% making $308,379.

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Can you use a massage gun on a horse?

Massage guns provide deep tissue massage, which will help break down this scar tissue, thereby alleviating pain and relieving restriction. You can use equine massage guns not only for sports injuries but also for post-surgery scar tissues.