Is there any medicine in homeopathy for PCOS?

Few of the popular and effective medicines for PCOS/PCOD are: Apis Mellifica – Administered for PCOD with pricking pains. Pulsatilla – Taken for PCOS with very less and late periods. Sepia – Taken for PCOS with acute pains.

Which homeopathy medicine is best for PCOS?

5 best Homeopathic medicines for treatment of PCOD or PCOS

  • Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for PCOD or PCOS.
  • Pulsatilla- best remedy for PCOS with scanty and late menses.
  • Sepia- best medicine for PCOS with bearing down pains.
  • Lachesis – best medicine for PCOD with aversion to tight clothes.

Does PCOS get cured with homeopathy?

Homeopathy focuses on the root cause of an ailment and works to correct hormonal imbalance, regularizing ovulation as well as restoring menstrual normalcy. Homeopathy for PCOS is an individualized treatment and therefore effectively addresses and helps to treat the associated symptoms of PCOS effectively.

Which treatment is best for PCOS homeopathy or ayurveda?

Allopathic treatment manifests quick responses, while the Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine show slow response in the treatment of PCOS. These treatment systems overall show fewer side effects and have low toxicity thus making them a good candidate for treatment of PCOS and they hold a great potential in future.

Is homeopathy good for PCOS or allopathy?

Yes there is treatment for pcos in homeopathy. No side effects and cure the disease from roots. Take paid consultation and if you need medicines can be delievered at your door. Homeopathy has good results in pcos.

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Can we take homeopathy and allopathy medicine together for PCOS?

No there is no any problem in taking homeopathy and allopathic medicine together. But you have to understand that you have a acne problem bcz of hormonal imbalance ( PCOS ) its mean if you get cured by pcos you have no acne problem.

Can Ashokarishta cure PCOS?

Ashokarishta for Weight Loss

This PCOD ayurvedic medicine cures irregular menstruation and massive bleeding issues. In addition to its benefits, it reduces the increased PCOS ayurveda dosha, pitta dosha, and balances the other dosha, resulting in weight loss or weight gain.