Quick Answer: What is the difference between Theragun pro and elite and prime?

What is the difference between Theragun Prime and Elite? The Theragun Elite is more powerful with a stall force of about 40 lbs versus the 30 lbs for the Theragun Prime. Despite that, the battery life of up to 2 hours and the noise level remained the same for both devices.

What is the difference between the Theragun models?

The main difference between Theragun Pro and Elite is the power or the torque delivered by both machines, the Pro delivers a higher amount of power as compared to the Elite, which basically means that when using the Pro the user will receive 60 lbs of force while the Elite is only able to deliver about 40 lbs of force, …

Is Theragun Elite quieter than prime?

One step down from the Theragun Pro is the Theragun Elite, which is actually slightly quieter than the next tier Prime but significantly more affordable than the Pro. It comes in black or white, and offers a customizable speed range like the Pro.

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Is the Theragun Pro louder than the elite?

Firstly, both the Theragun PRO massage gun and Theragun Elite offer 5 speeds. However, the PRO delivers 60 lbs of torque at its highest setting level 5, whereas the Elite only delivers 40 lbs of torque. … Both of these Theragun massagers are also a lot quieter than the previous version (the G3PRO and G3 series).

Which Theragun model is best?

If you need the best of the best, or are looking to add a massage gun to your arsenal as a personal trainer, there’s no doubt the Theragun Pro should be your weapon of choice. The Pro adds an adjustable arm and swappable batteries and packs a much bigger punch than all the other Theraguns in the lineup.

Is Theragun Prime strong enough?

It’s powerful when you want it to be.

The Prime has five speeds you can control with the app or on the gun itself. With speeds up to 2400 PPM, it gets pretty powerful. I typically don’t use the higher speeds because I like a gentler massage, but I like knowing that if I need the power, it’s there.

Is the Theragun Elite worth the money?

The Theragun Elite offers a great value but still has a luxury or premium feel to it. Even though it is only the second best massager in their lineup (to the PRO), it rates 4.67 stars and still rates better than any other brand’s full size massager.

Can you use Theragun on neck?

The TheraGun G2PRO was invented for deep muscle treatment work. It can work on any muscle, including the neck.

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Is Theragun good for arthritis?

If you suffer from arthritis, utilizing percussive therapy with MuscleGun as part of your daily treatment routine can be of great benefit and a drug free way to improve your mobility and reduce and soothe the associated pain.

Are Theraguns effective?

Although mostly positive preliminary studies exist, they are small in size. As a result, the Theragun may not be effective for everyone in preventing muscle soreness or increasing range of motion.

Who needs a Theragun Pro?

Theragun PRO is the flagship latest model which retails for $599 and is targeted for athlete, body builders or anyone who is looking to help reduce muscle soreness, improve motion and flexibility, muscle recovery from workouts.

Which Theragun is quiet?

The G3 and Liv are the first tools in the Theragun family to act as more consumer-facing products, as in not so inside fitness. The G3, which retails for $399, is the quietest of the bunch, sounding more like a stable hum than an electric drill.

How much stall force do I need?

Look for a device that has a stall force that suits your specific use case. 40-45lbs stall force strikes a good balance between power and general usability. Moving up to 60lbs stall force can be useful for extremely built individuals, but too intense for others.

Can Theragun cause damage?

Muscle strains are usually painful, so you probably won’t be tempted to use your Theragun on a pulled hamstring. But just in case you thought that was a good idea, it’s not — the powerful hammering motion of percussion therapy can further damage your muscles.

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How loud is the Theragun Elite?

Despite a powerful motor that produces up to 2400 percussions per minute, the Elite never clocked more than 70 decibels while I was using it, and mainly stayed in the 60-63 decibel range.

Do Theraguns ever go on sale?

Theragun PRO

Of course, the brand is best-known for its Theragun percussive therapy devices, and all Theraguns are on sale for the holidays. Among the top Theragun deals: get $150 off the Theragun PRO, $100 off the Theragun Elite and $50 off Theragun Prime (see all Theragun holiday deals here).