Best answer: Are massage guns good for horses?

The vibrations from the equine massage gun help improve blood and lymph circulation around the body, which helps produce more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. The result of this is speedy recovery, improved range of motion, pain relief and alleviating muscle fatigue and soreness.

Can you use Theragun on horse?

Glide the Equine Therapy Systems massage gun along the muscle. Move slowly—about an inch a second or slower. If you hit a knot or an area of tension, let the massage gun rest on that spot—without adding additional pressure—for a few moments before moving on. Now you are ready to use it on your horse!

Do horses benefit from massage?

Massage loosens scar tissue gradually, helping the horse move more freely and reducing the associated pain. Massage and stretching can help restore a horse’s mobility after an injury by reducing tension as collagen fibers heal and realign themselves post trauma.

How often should a horse get a massage?

How often should my horse receive bodywork? The frequency of a bodywork program depends on many factors, including the horse’s age, riding discipline, workload and overall health. Generally, horses benefit most from bodywork every 4-8 weeks.

When should you not massage a horse?

Do not massage your horse if he has a fever over 39°C; large open or healing wounds; colic; inflammation such as lymphangitis; skin problems or infections; or infectious diseases such as influenza or strangles.

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How much does an equine massage cost?

The average horse massage cost $75 with the average equine massage therapist making the equivalent of $100 per hour.

What is a equine massage therapy?

Equine Massage Therapy uses a variety of massage techniques and strokes to stimulate blood flow to different areas of the body. This encourages blood flow and brings in oxygen and other nutrients, at the same time removing lactic acid build up and eliminating other metabolic waste from the body.

Can a horse be ridden after massage?

Yes of course you may ride/work your horse on the same day and prior to their treatment however you must allow time for your horse to be completely cooled down and dry for the treatment.

Can I ride my horse after a massage?

Healthy horses can be ridden immediately after a massage (though a less strenuous ride is strongly recommended.)

How long does it take to massage a horse?

How long does it take to massage a horse? Approximately one hour. I work 26 muscle groups on each side of the horse. A full body massage.