What is SWD and IFT in physiotherapy?

Acute Effect of Inferential Therapy (IFT) and Short Wave Diathermy (SWD) on Balance in Subjects With Knee Pain (IFT & SWD) The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government.

What are SWD and IFT?

Shortwave diathermy is a high frequency. modality working on mechanism of pain relief. by producing heating effects in the deeper. tissues resulting in vasodilatation. Interferential therapy on the other hand, works.

What is SWD in physiotherapy treatment?

Short Wave Diathermy (SWD) is a treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to produce deep heating in joints and soft tissues. This form of heat can be applied to deeper structures than other forms of heat treatment.

What is the meaning of IFT?

IFT which stands for Interferential Therapy is one of the types of electrotherapy used for the management of pain. The principle of interferential therapy is to cause two medium frequency currents of slightly different frequencies to interfere with one another.

Is IFT good for knee pain?

Short-term treatment with both APS and IFT could significantly reduce pain and improve physical function in patients with knee OA. These results are indicative that both physical methods can be used as an alternative to drugs or complementary methods for pain management in knee OA.

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What is UST physiotherapy?

Therapeutic ultrasound is one of the most commonly used and well accepted electrotherapy modality in treating various musculoskeletal conditions. Ultrasound therapy is usually used with the help of a coupling media. The coupling media, such as water, oil or gel prevents reflection of the ultrasonic wave away.

What is an indication for SWD?

Indications and Evidence Basis

Continuous SWD, when applied properly, is believed to have the ability to relieve pain and muscle spasm, resolve inflammation, reduce swelling, promote vasodilation, and increase soft tissue extensibility and joint range of movement.

Why is SWD banned?

Leakage of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from short-wave radiofrequency physiotherapeutic diathermies (SWDs) may cause health and safety hazards affecting unintentionally exposed workers (W) or general public (GP) members (assisting patient exposed during treatment or presenting there for other reasons).

What are techniques of application of SWD?

The application of SWD was performed in four steps: SWD with the power off and knee in extension; SWD with the power on and knee in extension; SWD with power off and 90° of knee flexion; and SWD with power on and 90° of knee flexion.

What is base and spectrum in IFT?

TENS, not in IFT) Base, Sweep and spectrum Base is the lowest frequency to set, spectrum is. the top frequency and how much fluctuation added is sweep.

Which current is used in IFT?

Interferential therapy (IFT) is a popular electrotherapeutic modality for pain management. It is characterized by the interference of 2 medium-frequency currents (ie, 1–10 kHz), which combine to produce a new medium-frequency current whose amplitude is modulated at low frequency (ie, What is the difference between IFT and tens?

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Whereas TENS Units delivers periodic electric pulses to stimulate surface nerves and block the pain signal, IFT Physiotherapy Equipment transmits a continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue thereby blocking the pain signals and reducing swelling and inflammation which causes pain.

What is the type of radiation used in SWD?

Short-wave diathermy (SWD), a form of radiofrequency radiation used therapeutically by physiotherapists, may be applied in continuous (CSWD) or pulsed (PSWD) mode using either capacitive or inductive methods. Stray radiation emitted by these units may exceed exposure guidelines close to the equipment.